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Hidden Figures 2016 Hidden Figures 2016 pirate DVD-R Full Torrent

Hidden Figures 2016

Based on a true story. Tim African-American women to provide NASA with important mathematical details that are necessary for a successful launch of the first space program. Since the United States traveled to Russia a man to transform the space, NASA is to find untapped talent in the groepAfro American woman mathematician who served as the brains behind one of the largest operations in the history. On the basis of the incredible real-life stories of these three women, celebratedstand for human computer „, then follow these women as subrzo rose in the ranks of NASA among many of the grootstegeesten in history is determined by calculating the launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit, and are guaranteed for his safe return. Dorothy Von Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson crossed all gender, race and professional lines, and their luster and the desire to dream big, above all, ever bereiktvoordat humanity, it is firmly gevestigin historyas a true American hero.

An amazing Untold Story of Katherine G. Ghostbusters 2016 TS
JOHNSON, Dorothy and Mary Von Jackson – large African-American women who work in the NASA, that the brain served behind one of the biggest operatiesgeschiedenis: the launch of astronaut John Glenn in a job, a remarkable achievement that the confidence of the population recovery, turned to the Space Race, and galvanized the world. Visionary Trio crossed all gender and race lines generasieste inspireto dream big.

Hidden FiguresThe film tells the story of the African-Amerikaansewiskundigen, KatherineJohnson and her colleagues, Dorothy Von Jackson and Mary, in the West Area Computers work vests Langley Research Center. Using his precise calculations, they help NASA to become the first American astronaut to start the orbit of the Earth is full of success.


Format: NA

Location: 23 March 2017

Genre: Drama

Running Time: Not available

Distributor: 20th CenturyFox

Cast: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kevin Kostner, figure Kirsten Dunst

Directed by Theodore Melfi

Format: 2D


Hidden Figures 2016

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